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Multi-Omic Approaches to Envision the Role of Metabolites in Biological Systems

3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Metabolomics & Systems Biology during March 24-26, 2014 San Antonio, USA

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, January 8, 2014 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Multiple profiling platforms and techniques like NIR, FTIR-imaging, PyMS, metabolomics, Proteomics, Transcriptomics, LC-MS and GC-MS based techniques employed in Omics approaches are helpful in coping and advancing in terms of technical accuracy and the identification and quantization of small-molecular-weight metabolites. Thus both Metabolomics and system biology are interdisciplinary and emerging approaches to understand the biological system of living organism, explore how metabolomic networks can be connected to the underlying reaction pathway structure, and discuss the need to investigate integrative biochemical networks. System Biology helps in understanding the role of the complex network of DNA, RNA, and protein cells that regulate the living beings.

OMICS Group International will be organizing its 3rd International Conference and Exhibition on Metabolomics & Systems Biology during March 24-26, 2014 San Antonio, USA revolving around the theme ‘Multi-Omic Approaches to Envision the Role of Metabolites in Biological Systems’.

Prominent Speakers

This conference cum exhibition is going to be a dynamic forum for the prominent speakers like

Dr. Chris Beecher – CSO NextGen Metabolomics, Inc., USA
Dr. Bernd Schneider - Head of the Biosynthesis/NMR research group of the Max Planck Institute for chemical Ecology, Jena, Germany
Dr. Stephen E. Reichenbach - University of Nebraska, USA
Dr. Chandra Richter - Senior Research Scientist, E & J Gallo Winery, USA
Dr. Karl Burgess - University of Glasgow, Scotland and member of the Board of directors of the British Society for Proteome Research
Dr. Florence I. Raynaud - Group Leader, The Institute of Cancer Research, The Royal Marsden Hospital Drug Development Unit, UK
Dr. Stephen F. Previs- Director, Merck & Co., Inc., USA
Dr. Ludger Wessjohann - IPB Executive Director and Head of Department and Research Group, Germany
Dr. Vladimir E. Bondarenko - Assistant Professor, Georgia State University, USA.
Dr. Deliang Guo - Assistant Professor, The Ohio State University Medical Center, USA
Dr. Said Rahnamaye Rabbani - Physics Institute of Sao Paulo University, Brazil
Dr. Carolus Reinecke - Manager of the National Metabolomics Platform, South Africa.
Dr. Byung Hwa Jung - Principal researcher and Center Head of Molecular Recognition Research Center, Korea Institute of Science and Technology (KIST), Korea
Dr. José Diana Di Mavungu - Ghent University, Belgium
Dr. Patrick Giraudeau, Associate Professor, University of Nantes, France
Dr. Shane Rea, Assistant Professor, UTHSC, Physiology and Barshop Institute, USA
Dr. Peter Karp, Director, Bioinformatics Research Group, SRI International, USA
Dr. Edward D Blair, Managing Director Integrated Medicines Ltd., UK

Major Tracks of the Conference

• Novel Approaches to Cancer Therapeutics
• Analytical and Bio-Analytical Techniques in Metabolomics
• Transcriptomics
• Toxicology and Drug Metabolism
• Current Trends and Innovations in Metabolomics
• Computational Biology, Synthetic Biology and Systems Biology
• Computational Genomics
• Metabolomics Syndrome
• Recent Approaches in Proteomics and Genomics
• Glycomics and Lipidomics

Metabolomics-2014 Workshops

The conference promises practical workshops and parallel sessions covering the broad range of biological and technological metabolomics topics, providing rich opportunities for networking and approach towards biomedical and biological scientific research.

Workshop 1: Chris Beecher, CSO, Next Gen Metabolomics Inc, conducts a workshop on ‘Isotopic Techniques in Metabolomics’.

Workshop 2: Being conducted by Jeffrey S Patrick of LECO Corporation, USA at Metabolomics-2014.

Join us at Metabolomics-2014 as we gather together to share ideas, insights and advances in the field of Metabolomics and Systems Biology.

For more details please visit: http://www.metabolomicsconference.com/workshop.php

Metabolomics-2014 Media Partners

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2. Biowebspin
3. Labroots.com
4. Eventida

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