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'BETRAYED - An American Catholic Priest Speaks Out'

/ McAllen, TX - October 1, 2012 -- Peel away the layers encasing the Roman Catholic Church in America since mid-century and you find a church riven by new thinking, old thinking, multiple thinking , a dose of confusion, multiple agendas and, yes, a dash of treachery.

This story is told no better than through the life and times of a priest from the Midwest, a priest who sees both himself and his Church as victims of betrayal.

The man is Raymond A. Kevane, now an octogenarian with a command of the facts and an incisive mind who tells the story as he lived it in "BETRAYED: An American Priest Speaks Out." (Author House, Bloomington, Ind., 2012).

Kevane, a laicized and married Catholic priest, was ordained in 1953. Equipped with both ability and ambition, he set out on a clerical career, a career that took him into the political maelstrom of the Church and taught him that not all is what it seems.

Today, examining his life and times, Kevane concludes he was betrayed by those around him, but more importantly that his Church was betrayed by the twin heresies of Americanism and Modernism, characteristics now so pervasive in the Church in the United States that it has "drifted grievously from the directives which Christ Himself imposed.

Kevane is both well informed and direct: "I saw and worked among bishops and priests who were completely enslaved by the heresies of Americanism and Modernism. . . who bent every effort to destroying the Papal Volunteer program because they feared it would interfere with their own intention to implant a Marxist philosophy into the Church in all countries of Latin America."

Although laicized and married for many years, Kevane has never strayed from his fundamental belief in the Church and its teachings. "Everything written in this book is intended to edify, not to denigrate," he writes. "It is written in the spirit of deepest respect and love for the Church as the Mystical Body of Christ."

He has written his 668-page book, he says, "to respond to the dictates of my own conscience."

It is this message from his conscience which delivers his larger message and mission: "Since I have seen first-hand so many things which bring attention to how . . . Modernism and Americanism have made enormous inroads into the faith of far too many members of the Catholic Church," he writes, bringing change to the eternal, unchanging doctrine which Jesus Christ left with his Church. This must be stopped or many Catholics will lose their souls."

"BETRAYED: An American Catholic Priest Speaks Out" sends a clear message in a firm and unwavering voice to those so inclined to listen.

Available in soft cover

($26.95) and ebook ($3.99) from Amazon, Barnes & Noble, and AuthorHouse, publisher.

ISBN # 978-4675-4685-9432-4 (sc); ISBN # 978 - 1-4685-9433-1 (e)

Media copy available upon request.



"BETRAYED: An American Catholic Priest Speaks out" is a masterpiece - how could it be anything less? "S.T.L., J.C.D. was an appropriate signal of what to expect - no less!
Well, the five "Select Reviews" inside the front cover will certainly describe the contents, large and small, making this book a treasury of information concerning the current situation of our Holy Catholic Church." What he has written cries out to be read.

~Father Robert Ignatius Bradley, S.J.
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