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Channing Tatum Workout Routine For Magic Mike Reviewed By Blogger

/ Channing Tatum's workout for Magic Mike is one of the most desired pieces of information to hit the fitness industry. Here is a solid overview of what it takes to get results like Channing Tatum.

With his latest movie out, Channing Tatum is now known even more so for his workout routines and yes, his abs. While the exact and "official" Channing Tatum workout for Magic Mike is not released, there is no doubt that Tatum worked for this look.

Channing Tatum's workout for Magic Mike reportedly consisted of many hours of dance, a strict diet and a well put together weight lifting routine.

Although that is all that has officially been reported, many physical trainers and online bloggers have speculated as to what his exact routine would consist of. But unless Tatum reveals even more than his clothes, the complete workout routine is just going to have to be between him and his trainer.

One popular fitness blogger feels that much of his results are due mainly to his work ethic.

"I have seen many transformations from my peers while following a similar combination of cardio, weight training and smart dieting as well. The absolute most important thing to getting ripped like Channing Tatum is to be consistent with a solid program. If I had to choose one to recommend it would definitely be the popular "Hollywood Body" workout that is out right now called Visual Impact Muscle Building." - Kevin McMillian, Fitness B&W.

After examining this new Hollywood body workout there certainly are similarities that would follow along with Channing Tatum's workout for Magic Mike. In the program there are three phases where you can choose to focus on building muscle mass, muscle density or just getting ripped and shredded. At the end of the phases there is also a set cardio workouts to follow even though the author has a complete cardio course as outlined here.

"I've personally reviewed the workout plan and put it to the test and have some amazing before and after photos to show for it. I followed this course for 2 months and dropped quite a bit of fat while gaining muscle at the same time ... it really does work well, but you have to put in the time." - Kevin McMillian

The one big difference of this program and that of the routine that Tatum did is most-likely the diet aspect.

Reportedly, Channing Tatum followed a strict, gluten and dairy free diet in order to shed his fat. In contrast to this, The Visual Impact workout mentioned above suggests a more open and free diet plan for revealing hidden abs. In it, author Rusty Moore suggest following a diet plan similar to that of the Eat-Stop-Eat diet by Brad Pilon but he also gives alternatives since this intermittent fasting style of dieting is not easy for everyone.

In the end the Channing Tatum Workout routine certainly delivered some amazing results for Tatum himself, but still a lot of credit needs to be given to him for sticking with the program and getting the results that he did.

Kevin McMillian is a popular fitness blogger over at Fitness B&W. On his website he writes about a number of different weight lifting and dieting strategies that are geared towards getting results.

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